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"Flash Back" Card Collection by Elizabeth Hall

The first time I saw Liz Hall's "Flash Back" Collection of exquisit Greeting cards... I WAS SOLD! The pictures here just can't do them justice. Her eye is impeccable and her Photographic style is nothing short of 'other worldly' ! Trust me, you just might love them so much that you'll do what I''ve done - fall so in love with them that you just must frame a few and buy more for mailing to family and friends; but Shhhhh... noone has to know!

So, it is with great pleasure that I introduce my Friend , Elizabeth Hall and her "Flash Back" photography, Card Collection.

Sold Exclusively at "Candace's Favorite Things Store", ENJOY!!
Candace Grasso
CEO and Founder, Fit Is It, Inc.

Product Description:

Flash Back picture cards are my gift to you! It's that stroll down memory lane... from a vacation spot to a vision in your dreams that sparks the excitement within. God's magnificent art work is in front of us everyday. I've been so blessed to be able to capture a moment of that beauty for you. These cards can be framed to remind you of time spent with laughter... emotions... or just in awe of the beauty around us. Enjoy them, send them, or frame them.

Flash Back 5-Pack Card Collection

5-Pack "Flash Back" Card Collection: $14.95
Flash Back 5-Pack Card Collection

Flash Back 10-Pack Card Collection

10-Pack "Flash Back" Card Collection: $29.95
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VUMAWEAR Active Wear

Fit Is It Inc. and I are proud to announce that my favorite line of active wear - "VUMAWEAR" - is HERE!!!

When we set out to create our new, state of the art and user friendly website - one of first priorities was to be able to make available TO YOU... our fabulous customers, the quality products that have been available to me as a 'Health & Fitness Professional' during my entire 20 year career. Today, we come full circle by adding VUMAWEAR!

For EVERY TIME I've ever been asked "Where did you get that Workout Wear", we can now offer their full product line to you, RIGHT HERE - RIGHT NOW! "VUMAWEAR" has been my 'GO TO' line for all my fitness wear needs to be sure, but it doesn't stop there; I jump to "VUMAWEAR" for all of my "Clothing For Life" active wear needs!

Simply click the link below and shop til you drop... and if you ever have need to CONTACT them, PLEASE say a quick hello to their Super knowledgeable and Friendly Staff for me.

Power On - in VUMAWEAR that is...

When placing your order, enter your Source Code, FITISIT
and receive 10% OFF your entire order,
EVERY TIME". Happy shopping... Candace


Vumawear Active Wear

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Stella & Dot™

From the very first day we launched our original website, I've desired to offer in addition to my line of fitness products and iTunes offerings), a place to browse, shop and purchase if you like, a line of products that really do fit the bill of MY FAVORITE THINGS! Well, that day has arrived. Enjoy Surfing Candace's Favorite things.

Now you will be browsing my favorite Jewelry Line: Stella & Dot's ENTIRE CATALOGUE. SO, get your workout in ladies, then sit back... browse and shop and once and a while reward yourself if you choose. What could be easier than that! But beware, oh... it is gorgeous!!!

Shop at


Stella & Dot

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Energy Care® USA

THIS IS THE PRODUCT THAT YOU JUST WONíT WANT TO BE WITHOUT! As a professional athlete, I have been asked for years to try products from A to Z in the hopes I'd endorse them. AND DID I...? NOT ONE! I was asked to wear Energy Care® Sports Bands as I left on my last trip to Hawaii. A dear friend, whom I respect tremendously, suggested this. I expected NOTHING, as usual. I am a skeptic and my past experiences have proven my correct. This time I was wrong. My energy was through the roof. My workouts, even with the 11 plus hour flights were effortless and I had no jet lag to speak of. When I returned home, I found that when I had written my friend about what I'd noticed was exactly how their technology was described, almost verbatim. I'm sold and you will be too. There are many however who experience PAIN Relief, better sleep and various other benefits from the "Atraxlite technology". My husband (whom I made wear one of our bands "AGAINST HIS WILL") has this to say. HE IS WORTH LISTENING TO. While there are many testimonials from professional athletes and folks with serious medical conditions, my husband is a man of few words. The words he does speak carry much weight as he would never say this if it were still not amazing him as well.

I've had chronic back pain my entire adult life. When my wife asked me to wear one of the bands, and use a 'Pillow', to see if it might help I said, 'I am not going to wear them, thanks but it wonít help!' Well, was I wrong! When I woke up the next morning my back pain was almost gone! The results have continued and I have passed them along to my friends who have experienced results as well. I don't understand it, but I guess I donít have to. Energy Care® works! That's all I know.
Jerry Grasso, CFO and Senior Vice President, Baltimore Goodwill Industries.

Use this link to connect to Energy Care® and make sure to enter the source code FITISIT and you will receive FREE SHIPPING! Or, you can contact me directly for information and products purchased from me directly with no turn around time

Candace's moving and powerful Personal testimonial about Energy Care:

Each person has their own unique experience with Energy Care. Here is mine. As a Professional athlete and business owner, I've been struggling with a birth defect at the base of my brain-causing Chronic Pain Syndrome and a myriad of other symptom obviously, throughout my entire life. Complications from having experienced a broken neck and the subsequent surgery to help manage the residual damage, unveiled an acute case of Fibromyalgia. My day to day physical functioning has always been a bit of a challenge to be sure but when nearly debilitating Chronic Fatigue from the Fibromyalgia began to worsen, my ability to function at the level Iíd been accustomed to managing, was being seriously chipped away. For the last two to three years my struggles had cost me my ability to write, (for publication as well as for running my company)Ö almost entirely. My ability to have access to Energy Care has kept my Chronic Fatigue at such a dull roar, that Iíve been able to continue my work and to accomplish all my responsibilities while functioning at a very high level! Thanks be to GOD for working for MEÖthrough Energy Care!!!!
Candace Grasso, CEO and Founder, Fit Is It, Inc.


Shop at EnergyCare

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Way before becoming a member in long standing of a select professional group of athletes that make up Power Bar®'s exclusive "Team Elite", (with Michael Phelps and Lance Armstrong as just a couple of my team mates that you oh, just might recognize...) I have used and still use PoweBar energy bars, drinks, gels and all of the fabulous products exclusively to keep me up and on the go. From running Marathons, to riding charity 100k bike tours, to putting in a killer kick boxing and weight training session, these products are the best on the market when it comes to energy delivered ON DEMAND! Check out their entire Fabulous full line of products that I ENDORSE and highly recommend. Ever wondered where I came up with my signature sign off? Now you know! Visit our fabulous line at



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Finally, after YEARS of searching high and low for a Great Tasting, "Calorically responsible", Chocolaty Treat from Sweetriot®; it's with Great Enthusiasm that I can honestly say that my Search has come to an END. As CEO and Founder of Fit Is It, I am extremely particular about what products I choose to endorse; As a Certified Nutrition Specialist, Private Coach, Trainer and Professional Athlete, I of course choose products with only the highest quality ingredients available. I would never choose a product for a client that I either donít already use, or that I wouldnít also use myself and NOW, we all get a treatÖand itís called "Sweeriot"!!!

Made from the finest 100% Dark coca from Latin America, these little crunchy Nibs are more than just super rich in flavor, but ultra rich in antioxidants as well. Their flavor is rivaled only their by their commitment to make the finest nutritionally sound sweet treat ever! Sweetriotís producs are gluten free and dairy free and FYI... Kosher as well!

At Fit Is It, we're always thinking 'healthful first' and flavor a close second but in this case, neither nutrition nor flavor are compromised. Sweetriot is a Nutritionist's dream and a sweet tooth's 'kiss from above' all rolled together in this little tin (or bars can be purchased as well).

Per artistically adorned little tin, each crunchy nugget packs a great big textured crunch that's followed by a full taste of the smoothest falvorful DARK CHOCOLATE! For your punishent, each piece is a full 1-2 calories per little nib. Put a quartered size serving in the palm of your hand and you are done, with no more than 20 calories to remove from your intake for the dayÖYeah, Iíll take it. Also great for sprinkling on top of fresh berries or no fat puddings, be creative and have a ball. Sweetriot has ended my life long search with an answer Iíve been looking for since I was a kid, but never really though Iíd find to my satisfaction and low and behold, I was wrong. Iíve been l for a way to indulge my love of chocolate without breaking my daily Caloric Food Intake Bank, Iíve come up with what I consider one of the best, most nutritionally sound, best tasting sweet treats finds of a LIFE TIME! Overly dramatic, I think not. Just one little bite of these jewels and youíll be a believer too! Today, I'm thrilled to introduce you to my personal favorite chocolate treat that Iíve found!! So many folks just assume I completely shun the stuff. Well, why would I do that, now that I've found a way to enjoy it, reap the natural HEALY BENFITS of Dark Chocolate of course I love chocolate, and my motto; if you're going to have a treat, baby... make it count by choosing the best. Sweet riot is my no guilt, quick fix, go to... for a super amazing chocolate experience that wonít break the calorie bank or damage your weight loss goals. In fact, for my clients who are chocolate lovers, I often give them a canister when they leave their consultation. Itís a sure fire way to KEEP you on track. White knuckle denial of everything you enjoy will never win the war against over eating. Instead, enjoy an appropriate amount of a good thing and youíll win. With Sweetriot, the taste is so intense and the flavor so sublime, that truly, a little dab will do ya! My prescription; take up to three quarter sized doses per day and enjoy your way to a "non sidelining sweet indulgence" that will work with a balanced diet to actually keep you on track! I'm Thrilled to have partnered with the Sweetriot company so that I can offer this to you through our site by just clicking the link below. Order your favorite RIOT BITE and ENJOY, GUILT FREE!





All natural, anti-oxidant-rich, dairy-free, kosher, gluten-free cacao with a mission

140 calories
12 - 14 carbs
11 - 12g fat
6 - 10g sugar
3 - 4g fiber
2g protein
0mg sodium
0mg sodium
3 points WeightWatchers

A Caffeine Note: 1.4 oz of chocolate is equivalent to 1 cup of decaffeinated coffee, so 1 unBar contains less than a cup of decaf.

As Seen In:
As Seen...

What Others Are Saying...

Sarah Jessica Parker has a great body, so does Eva Longoria, but we've figured out how they satisfy their chocolate cravings and still keep their amazing figures. Turns out these beauties are avid snackers of Sweetriot chocolate covered cacao nibs.
... People Magazine

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Personal Defense Mace/Pepper Sprays

For everyday or when you hit the road to log some miles

With the release of our very first Walk Fit and Run Fit Cardio downloads, I knew I had to begin a search for a convenient, effective and affordable personal defense device to keep our customers and staff safe when hitting the great outdoors! Well my search ended when I found my new favorite personal defense device.

As a professional marathon competitor and coach, my athletes and I have logged literally hundreds of miles on the road. I know that whether Iím heading out my front door, or lacing up for a run through the narrow winding side streets of Dublin Ireland, itís always, safety first or I donít go. I never leave for a walk, hike, run or rock climbing session without plenty of water, money, my cell and my own personal defense spray wrapped around the palm of my hand and a phone call to my husband telling him where I am going and when to expect me back! In todayís world, we can never be too safe. It took a good bit of research but Iíve found just the right fit to bring this peace of mind to you as well.

Our daughters have carried a personal PINK spray since they learned to drive and they still carry them to this day and if my husband and I have our way, they always will. So whether youíre hitting the road with one of our outdoor Cardio Workouts, or walking through a parking garage at the mall, I implore you to carefully consider carrying a little key chain that packs a powerful punch. The jog mate version has a "no hold" convenient Velcro hand strap to make it easier to use when youíre out their training. Either way, God forbid youíd ever need it, but a little spray can help save your life.


The Hot Pink Mace Pepper Spray

The HOT PINK maximum strength pepper spray is a perfect size to carry in a purse, back pack or attach to your key chain. The personal model features a flip-top safety cap that prevents accidental discharge and the finger grip dispenser helps with accurate aim. This18 Gram spray unit sprays 8-12 feet.

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The Hot Pink Mace Pepper Spray

Walker/Joggers Model Keeps You SAFE! Price $17.95
The Pepper Mace Jogger Spray is the perfect personal defense for runners and walkers. Designed with an elastic hand strap and tight Velcro closure, this unit creates the snug fit of a ďHands-FreeĒ experience thatís a must for taking it to the streets ! This 18 gram spray unit sprays 8-12 feet.

Shop Now

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La Bella Vita

Need a little R & R? Candace recommends checking "La Bella Vita" This beautiful yacht is a home away from home and provides her with all the luxuries a girl could ask for. See for yourself!

  Elliptical Fit Stretch Fit Walk Fit - Level I Walk Fit - Level II